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NADEZHKO social bakery

our good-spirited, adventurous, traveling NadEzhko the hedgehog!

His name means “to be above pricking others (above anger)”, and he is, indeed, a hedgehog with soft spines and a soft heart.


Welcome! We are Nadezhda and Stefan Grigorovi, a family and the creators of NadEzhko!

NadEzhko is our good-spirited, adventurous, traveling hedgehog! His name means “to be above pricking others (above anger)”, and he is, indeed, a hedgehog with soft spines and a soft heart. NadEzhko teaches the children how to become good adults, and teaches the adults how to become good children again. We could translate the meaning of his name in English as “HedgeHope”!

NadEzhko is the name of our family company and the NadEzhko Social Bakery (social enterprise) in Sofia, Bulgaria, founded in 2014 and part of the Bread Houses Network. The company creates also various social, educational and game methods, services and products. The proceeds of all these support the social programs and free bread therapy of the Bread Houses Network, which Nadezhda initiated in 2009 and now connects more than a hundred people in about 20 countries on 5 continents.

What we do

Bread building

Bread building

as a teambuilding method, appreciated by major international companies
3S: Sifting-Shaping-Sharing

3S: Sifting-Shaping-Sharing

alternative career counseling method for young people, already successfully diffused in Austria
Cultures and Breads of the World

Cultures and Breads of the World

Educational Program, engaging people to explore the cultures of around 30+ countries by making their traditional breads
Theater of Crumbs & Kitchen Music

Theater of Crumbs & Kitchen Music

regular community baking events for mixed groups
Playing kitchen

Playing kitchen

a unique tool to develop healthy eating habits in kids employing funny food activities
Bread in the Dark

Bread in the Dark

A life-changing experience in full darkness, where blind facilitators enable you to see with eyes wide shut and heart wide open

How we create Social Change

Our methods create a tradition: we have managed to transform a simple and universally-known activity (bread-making), traditionally limited to the home, the kitchen, and women, and turn it into a range of socially transformative activities, from community empowering workshops to corporate team building and CSR strategy, from therapy for people with special needs to educational program for alternative creative careers for low-income youth. Bread-making became a new and even fashionable cultural experience engaging both men and women and people of all ages and classes, inspiring them to appreciate the diversity and seek the unity!


This is more than just a business, there are many touching personal stories behind our enterprise, where people’s lives have been transformed in the same way that the dough is transformed into bread!

All of our unique methods and know-how have been summarized in the educational game "Bakers Without Borders", recognized with the global UN Intercultural Innovations Award, which can be used as a handbook for organizing various community baking, unifying and therapeutic activities.

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