Currently, our model of a social bakery is of interest to potential social franchisees, some of whom got trained at the Sofia Bread House, based in the UK, South Africa, Brazil, and the USA. And the network keeps growing! Contact us for more information!

We offer to our franchisees our unique:

  1. Products: our own special recipes for sour-dough breads and pastries, recognized by the global Slow Food Movement
  2. Services: our own methods for Community-building; Team building (Bread building); Bread therapy; and transformational business and private celebrations
  3. Network and brand recognition: you can rely on a wide and useful array of global contacts through our various networks: our global platforms for social bakers “Bakers without Borders”/Connecting ChangeBakers and for social bakeries “Bakeries without Borders” and the social programs we already coordinate in close to 20 countries on 5 continents.
  4. International Training Center courses (read more here)

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