Better than high-tech,
we offer high-TOUCH solutions!

At Nadezhko, we offer special paid programs, including:

  • Bread building” as a teambuilding method, appreciated by major international companies
  • 3S: Sifting-Shaping-Sharing”, alternative career counseling method for young people, already successfully diffused in Austria
  • Cultures and Breads of the World” Educational Program, engaging people to explore the cultures of around 30+ countries by making their traditional breads
  • Kitchen music” and “Theater of Crumbs” regular community baking events for mixed groups
  • “Playing kitchen” a unique tool to develop healthy eating habits in kids employing funny food activities
  • BREAD IN THE DARK: A life-changing experience in full darkness, where blind facilitators enable you to see with eyes wide shut and heart wide open

These programs and activities can be booked by companies, schools and kindergartens, universities, families and friends, and also for special occasions like birthdays and corporate parties. The financial income from our paid services is used to support our social programs.

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